Serving Cost-effective Handmade Clay Bricks, Building Clay Bricks and Red Bricks

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Serving Cost-effective Handmade Clay Bricks, Building Clay Bricks and Red Bricks

About Us

Compact and sound bricks result in better building construction. We at S & S Enterprises aid construction companies in constructing strong buildings by bringing forth uniform in color, size and shape, bricks. Our Handmade Clay Bricks, Building Clay Bricks and Red Bricks help in making more secure residential and commercial buildings. The best quality bricks are made to perfection at our company in a bulk quantity. All types of construction companies are provided with supreme quality bricks as per their order needs. As a manufacturer, we are maintaining our reputation by ensuring quality development and testing bricks prior to shipment on important factors like structure and use. Since we are a wholesaling establishment, all bricks are served at the lowest rates possible and with surety of prompt shipment. 

Fast Delivery, Our Forte

Improving customer satisfaction is possible with fast delivery. Realizing this, we improve our customer satisfaction by making fast delivery of Handmade Bricks. Red Bricks, Handmade Clay Bricks and Building Clay Bricks as per orders, to customers using heavy duty vehicles. As per order size, we use the best vehicle for shipping of bricks. Our experts load and unload bricks at construction sites and ensure loading and unloading work is done with perfection. Over nine years of expertise, we have gained forte in fast shipping of orders in nearby regions.

Invest in Our Quality Bricks 

We are dedicated to serving sheer quality bricks that are even in factors such as color, dimension and shape. Investing in our bricks is very beneficial because our bricks possess numerous characteristics such as no sharp edges, free from cracks, free from bubbles, compressive strength, sound proof and non-inflammable.

Promising Reasons to Choose S & S Enterprises
  • Our high production capacity makes us meet our clients bulk orders.
  • Satisfactory services are rendered to each customer in the form of instant reply and quality bricks.
  • Our employees possess high spirit and smartness to increase customers satisfaction with their honest, sincere and quality work.
  • We quote the best possible price for all orders and enhance our customers buying experience. 
We Mainly Deal in Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu.
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